Sponsorship Overview

You can sponsor WBMA-TV, an access station right here in your hometown of Bloomfield, NJ.

In return for your support, sponsors receiver an on-air acknowledgement of their efforts on the WBMA-TV (visual and audio announcements of about 15 seconds).

Cable-TV access channels, like WBMA-TV, are local — that means that each channel serves only one town or is shared by a small group of towns. Access channels reflect the unique personality and values of the community they serve. This means that your business can bond with your community at a "grassroots" level while being able to use the power of television to acknowledge your support for the community.

Here are some advantages of sponsoring your local hometown access channel

  • Creates a bond between your business and the community
  • Creates a positive image for your business, generates good will and builds trust with the community
  • Builds name recognition through repeated exposure
  • Offers a competitive advantage — You can be the only sponsor is your business category.
  • No advertising clutter — sponsorships of access channels, unlike advertisements elsewhere, are a limited number of business in most cases

To find out how your business can be a sponsor on WBMA-TV, contact us at:
(973) 680-4122 or send an email to contact@wbmatv.com

Downloadable Forms:

Sponsorship Guidelines

In order to meet non-commercial requirements of this access channel, WBMA-TV has set out guidelines that are similar to those followed by non-commercial broadcast stations. Sponsors may be subject to the approval of the Township of Bloomfield. Below is a list of these guidelines:

  • Permissible
    1. Up to :15 seconds of acknowledgement
    2. Name of product(s) and/or service(s)
    3. Company location
    4. Number of years in business
    5. Email address or website (preferably visually depicted)
    6. Telephone number
    7. Nonproportional, value-neutral descriptions of products or services
    8. Use of well-known mottos or slogans that are nonproportional in nature
    9. Signature music or appropriate sound effects as a means of enhancing visual and voice-over that are nonproportional in nature
  • Non-Permissible
    1. Overt promotion of products or services
    2. Price reference
    3. Call to action or inducement to buy
    4. Comparative or qualitative descriptions of products or services
    5. Third-party reviews (from newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Standards and Practices
    WBMA-TV will not accept sponsorships from the following:
    1. Liquor stores or bars or other establishments whose primary business is the sale of alcohol. (Restaurants that serve alcohol excluded, provided alcohol is not mentioned in the acknowledgement)
    2. Any manufacturer or distributor of beer, alcohol or tobacco.
    3. Any entity that promotes the use or sale of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
    4. Adult bookstores, adult movie houses and video dealers or strip clubs or any other entity that provides adult oriented content or products by mail-order or through the internet
    5. Political parties, lobbying groups, political action committees or cause based organizations.
    6. Any illegal or off shore gambling entity or entity that provides information that enables or can be associated with illegal gambling.
    7. Manufacturers or sellers of firearms, ammunition, gun repairs, accessories, targets, stun guns, tear or pepper gas dispensers, and rifle and pistol ranges. Retailers who sell other products not firearm related can be sponsors provided they do not promote firearm related products (for example, department stores and sporting goods stores).