2011 Comcast Cable TV Survey

Bloomfield’s franchise agreement with Comcast, which provides local cable TV services, is scheduled for renewal. Please help us prepare for contract negotiations by submitting this survey by Monday, October 3rd. Thank You!

Viewer Information
Survey Questions
  1. Why do you subscribe to cable TV?

  2. How satisfied are you with Comcast Cable's service?

  3. What problems, if any, have you had in the past six months?

  4. How often would you say outages occur?

  5. Is Comcast Cable easily accessible by telephone?

  6. Have you had any billing problems with Comcast Cable?

  7. Was the problem resolved quickly? (Leave blank if you answered 'No' for question 6)

  8. If a Comcast Cable field representative or technician made a service call(s) in the last six months, how satisfied were you with the service? (Leave blank if you have never had a techinican make a service call.)

  9. Was the Technician…? (Leave blank if you did not answer question 8.)

  10. Did you know that complaints regarding your cable service could be registered with the BPU: Office of Cable Television?

  11. Do you know that the Township of Bloomfield has its own local access channels?

  12. Would you watch WBMA-TV (Channel 35) if it was available in high definition?

  13. What type of programming do you and/or would you watch on WBMA-TV (Channel 35)?

  14. What regular programming on WBMA-TV do you watch?

  15. How satisfied are you with the selection of expanded basic cable chan- nels available (Lifetime, Discovery, Sci-Fi, etc.)?

  16. How satisfied are you with the current selection of premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc.)?

  17. Do you watch programming in high definition?

  18. What additional channels would you like to see? (Leave blank if none.)

  19. As we approach a re-franchising agreement with Comcast Cable, what issues are important to you? (Leave blank if none.)